Tony Moar-Gun (Last chance to redeem himself)

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MiskatonicFalcon · 54

This is, we hope, the beginning of Tony's redemption arc.

We first ran him out on our blind run-through of Forgotten Age. Three scenarios in, he was retired by unanimous vote and replaced with the Guardian's Guardian, Mark Harrigan.

Well, Tony, you're getting a second chance. Innsmouth's deep ones got the home field advantage. Let's see what you can do.

Our Tony deck is straightforward: lots of fight actions, and lots of guns to fuel them. We're playing on expert, so we're adding more skill cards, "Eat lead!" and Daring Maneuver to bolster against the tougher tokens.

Upcoming XP purchases include Switchblade, Lupara, Bruiser, and Quickdraw Holster.

Stay tuned to see how he does as designated Monster Hunter in our three-player Innsmouth run on expert.