Marie Lambeau
La Chanteuse


Interprète. Sorcier.

  • 4
  • 4
  • 1
  • 3
Vie: 6. Santé Mentale: 8.

Tant que vous avez au moins 1 fatalité parmi les cartes que vous contrôlez, vous avez le droit d'effectuer une action supplémentaire durant votre tour, qui ne peut être utilisée que pour jouer des cartes Sort ou activer les capacités de cartes Sort.

: +1. Vous avez le droit d'ajouter ou de retirer 1 fatalité sur une carte que vous contrôlez.

Tony Foti
Promo #1.

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Taille du Deck : 30

Construction du Deck : cartes Sort de niveaux 0 à 5, carte Mystique () de niveaux 0 à 3, cartes neutres de niveaux 0 à 5, cartes Occulte de niveau 0, jusqu'à cinq autres cartes Chercheur et/ou Survivant ( et/ou ) de niveau 0.

Exigences du Deck (ne comptent pas dans la limite de taille du deck) : Chant Déroutant, Baron Samedi, 1 faiblesse de base au hasard.

Marie Lambeau a toujours eu une voix à tomber. Les gens l'appelaient « La Fumée de Velours ». Ils disaient qu'elle était née pour chanter du jazz, qu'elle possédait quelque chose de magique – et peut-être avaient-ils raison. Après tout, les chansons qui s'égrenaient dans ses rêves depuis la mort de sa grand-mère ne ressemblaient à rien de ce qu'elle avait pu entendre auparavant. Les paroles ne ressemblaient à aucune langue connue et les notes étaient distordues, difformes. Pourquoi sa grand-mère avait-elle quitté La Nouvelle-Orléans pour Arkham ? Marie ne le saurait jamais. Les gens avaient coutume de qualifier son aïeule de sorcière. Peut-être Marie n'a-t-elle pas que le jazz dans le sang, après tout...
Marie Lambeau
Marie Lambeau
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(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • If you are instructed to lose 1 or more actions, you have that many fewer actions to take during your turn. This is referring to your normal three “full” actions. So if you are instructed to lose 1 or more actions, those must be the ones that are “lost” first. If you have no more of those actions to lose, then you start losing “additional” actions, of your choice. So, for example, if you are playing Daisy and an effect instructs you to “lose 2 actions”, you would have 1 normal action and Daisy’s special additional action left.
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Marie Lambeau was offered as a promo card in the Investigators of Arkham book. I hadn't the chance to grab that at the time, as shipping was prohibitive. Now, if you're in the same position, proxy her. Really.

Marie Lambeau is a great investigator for solo play.

Just look at the stat-line breakdown of Marie Lambeau:

  • at 4 , she has the ability to cope with a lot of what the encounter deck will throw, at least in terms of Treacheries.
  • the 4 of Marie Lambeau puts her on par with Minh Thi Phan and Rex Murphy, at second place behind Daisy Walker, all of them being investigators! This is really amazing, as you definitely need the clues in that game.
  • at 3 , nothing to sneeze at, Marie can always evade what she can't fight.
  • at 1 though, she has no way to defend herself, at least until you get that Shrivelling out.

Her ability is a bit tricky, but can be powerful.

First, remember that you only check for the Doom threshold during the Mythos phase, allowing you to pile up some Doom tokens on the board the turn before the Agenda is supposed to advance. That said, when the Agenda does advance, you remove every doom token in play, even the ones on player cards.

This entitles three things:

  1. Willingly getting a player card out with a Doom token on it to trigger Marie's ability will reduce the time you have before the Agenda advances by 1 turn. Then for the X-1 turns remaining, you have 1 extra action . But wait! There are restrictions on those actions: you can play Spell cards or trigger their .
  2. When the Agenda advances, you lose the benefit of Marie's ability, as all doom tokens are removed. So you need a way to get those Doom tokens back in play.
  3. Going blind on most scenarios (or not), no matter what, you're probably not so prepared to help the encounter deck advancing too fast. So you may want to trigger that ability with parcimony, thus getting extra doom tokens on the penultimate turn before advancing the Agenda.

All of this require :

  1. Experience of the scenarios you play
  2. Experience at actually playing the deck, and being tricky overall
  3. Getting a reliable and consistent way to put those doom tokens on player cards

That last point is not that easy. Marie's ability is not reliable. Browsing the current card pool, the alternatives are:

  • Alyssa Graham gives you further , parring Marie to Daisy, and encounter deck control as well as Doom management
  • Arcane Initiate gives you at least the Doom token you want, and helps you grab those Spells. And... that's it! Granted, those two allies are pretty good in their own right.

Yes, yes, and just when you think those two cards are perfect for Marie Lambeau and just after you add 2 copies of each in your deck, you take a look at her special weakness: Baron Samedi. I think Baron Samedi is a very punishing weakness:

  1. He cannot leave play until he as 3 Doom tokens on it. It's action yes, but as it requires to exhaust him, you need 3 damn turns to get him out and obviously before the Agenda deck can advance, so in most Agenda (with a Doom threshold at 6 or less) it's not even possible. In the meantime, you can always benefit from Marie's ability true, but 3 Doom can really hurt.
  2. It fills the damn sole tiny, tiny, tiny ally slot you need so badly.

Overall, on your first scenario, pray not to draw him too early, and get at least 3 victory points. If you do, you will be able to buy Charisma.

All this blabbering on Doom management makes you want to introduce some shielding. Marie's special event Mystifying Song is one way to go: for 3 Resources and no (it's a Fast event) it buys you one more turn to pile those Doom tokens. That's pretty good if you draw it.

If you do not though, include 2 copies of Moonlight Ritual. At least, you'll be able to hold on to the current agenda if something has Ancient Evils comes your way.

Check out the sample deck here:

banania · 401
Her Signature Card helps you to get 3 doom on baron samedi on short agendas. The permanent Talent "Blood pact" is also a good option to trigger her ability. — Django · 4974
I like the idea of Blood Pact overall, but the cards is not so efficient in my opinion, as you probably won't be able to trigger it much during the game. Or at least, much less so than you'd do with those other talents triggered by spending resources. The true strength of Blood Pact is of course to be Permanent, as you can trigger Marie's ability from the get-go. I have yet to try it. It's somehow does not appeal to me, but it might be more efficient than I think. — banania · 401
One note since this has been written that David Renfield is a great way to pt doom on the board. — jacque_stampunk · 3
Even if you only use it during the last round of each agenda, blood pact is still pretty good! Reliably activating Marie's ability is also worth a lot, so I'd encourage you to try it. — Chitinid · 14