Faire Preuve de Prudence


Coût: –.


Deck de Roland Banks uniquement. Permanent.

Régulation – Vous ne pouvez pas combattre plus de deux fois par round.

Lors d’un test de compétence pendant que vous enquêtez, discutez ou tentez de vous échapper, inclinez cette Directive : pour chaque ennemi engagé avec vous, vous gagnez +2 à votre valeur de compétence pour ce test.

Adam Lane
Suivre les Règles #25.


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Just a small observation from putting together a deck for Roland using this Directive: the restriction that you cannot fight more than twice per round doesn't prevent Roland from using other actions that deal damage.

So feel free to use Dynamite Blast. Or pull out your Kukri and after hitting with a fight action, spend another action to do one more damage. Not the most efficient compared to a .45 Automatic, however if Roland is going to be stuck with an enemy he could rack up three damage in one turn for his three actions and not waste any ammo.

If you using the parallel back for Roland, go ahead and use your +2 bonus to first evade, then play a Sneak Attack to deal damage (and have it be free if you are paired with the correct directive).

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"Due Diligence? What the hell is that? I got Dynamite!" -- Roland Banks, Federal Officer — fiatluxia · 64