Perform the setup as indicated in The Forgotten Age Campaign Guide, with the following exceptions:

- When gathering encounter sets, also gather the new encounter sets for Return to Shattered Aeons shown here.

- When building the exploration deck, use only the 4 single-sided Otherworld locations. Do not include any of the other encounter cards listed in the original setup instructions.

(Continued on reverse side.)

Renouveau - La Civilisation Oubliée #61. Renouveau - Paradoxes Temporels #1.
Return to Shattered Aeons

Return to Shattered Aeons - Back


- Set the new Shattered locations aside, out of play.

For the duration of this scenario, the following additional rule applies:

"Forced - After a successful exploration ends: Shuffle the top card of the encounter deck into the exploration deck."

Attach this card to the scenario reference card as a reminder.

Return to Shattered Aeons

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