Perform the setup as indicated in The Forgotten Age Campaign Guide, with the following exceptions:

- When gathering encounter sets, also gather the new encounter sets for Return to Heart of the Elders, Part 2 shown here.

- After setup, search the collection for the new Harbinger of Valusia (The Sleeper Returns) and set it aside, out of play. If the Harbinger of Valusia would enter play during this scenario, use this version instead of the original one.

(Continued on reverse side.)

Renouveau - La Civilisation Oubliée #48. Renouveau - K'n-yan #1.
Return to Heart of the Elders, Part 2

Return to Heart of the Elders, Part 2 - Back


- When building the exploration deck, include only 1 of the 2 locations with each of the following connection symbols, chosen at random:

Purple Moon, Blue Triangle, Red Square, Green Diamond.

Remove the other 4 Ancient locations from the game without looking at them. Do not include any of the other encounter cards listed in the original setup instructions. (There should be a total of 5 cards, not counting the set-aside Descent to Yoth.)

For the duration of this scenario, the following additional rules apply:

"The 'check your supplies' ability on the Mouth of K'n-yan can be used from any location, and it discards enemies as well as treacheries.

Forced - After a successful exploration ends: Shuffle the top card of the encounter deck into the exploration deck."

Attach this card to the scenario reference card as a reminder.

Return to Heart of the Elders, Part 2

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