La Comtesse
Subverter of Plans


Humanoïde. Serviteur.

Combattre: 1. Vie: 3. Échapper à: 3.
Dégât: –. Horreur: 1.

Spawn - Balcony.


Forced - After you defeat La Comtesse: Place her in your hand, as a hidden card. While La Comtesse is in your hand, she gains: "La Comtesse counts as 4 cards instead of 1 while checking your hand size. Forced - After you discard 1 or more cards from your hand during the upkeep phase: Take 1 horror."

Jacob Atienza
Renouveau – La Route de Carcosa #20. Renouveau – Baisser de Rideau #7.
La Comtesse


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: When La Comtesse is defeated and added to the player's hand: (1) Is the card considered an enemy? (2) If it is an enemy, does that enemy engaged with the player? Will it attack the player during the enemy phase? (3) How does La Comtesse interact with Bury Them Deep? A: The “Hidden” keyword received a small update in later campaigns (such as The Dream-Eaters) that should help clarify these interactions. When a hidden enemy is in your hand, it is not considered to be engaged with you or in your threat area, and does not attack during the enemy phase; only its constant abilities are active and only you can trigger any abilities on it. La Comtesse’s Forced ability takes precedence over Bury them Deep; she will enter your hand and Bury them Deep won’t be able to add her to the victory display. (March 2024)
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