Revelation - If you have no clues, Need for Knowledge gains surge. Otherwise, test (X), where X equals the number of clues you have (to a maximum of 5). For each point you fail by, you must either take 1 horror or place 1 of your clues on your location.

Roberto Ricci
Renouveau - L'Héritage de Dunwich #70. Peur Erratique #5-7.
Need for Knowledge

This card is included in the "Return to: The House Always Wins" scenario. And it proofed to be very useful to us on a recent playthrough. Sure, there are certain tricks to retrieve the last VP from locations in some factions, like "I'm outta here!" or Dr. William T. Maleson, but we neither had nor needed them, thanks to a fail by 2 on this test.

Susumu · 150