L'Éventail Noir
Symbole de Pouvoir

Soutien. Main

Objet. Relique.

Cost: 3. XP: 3.
Test Icons:


Tant que vous avez...

- ...au moins 10 ressources, vous gagnez +1 vie et +1 santé mentale.

- ...au moins 15 ressources, vous avez le droit d'effectuer une action supplémentaire lors de votre tour.

- ...au moins 20 ressources, vous gagnez +1 à chacune de vos compétences.

Priscilla Kim
Aux Confins de la Terre – Extension Investigateurs #57.
L'Éventail Noir

This is a spectacular card for Calvin. +2 to all stats and an extra action to boot, and he can get enough resources to fuel it with Drawing Thin and a small loan. There's the small problem that he can't actually include the card in his deck, but just Teamwork it to him and Bob's your uncle.

For actual rogues, I'm not the biggest fan. It works in exactly one type of deck: big money rogues. Even in such a deck it's a luxury purchase that takes at least a few turns to come online. You can always grow an extra neck to hang your clock on but you can't buy extra hands, and for most rogues those hand slots are somewhat important. However, for Sefina and Preston Fairmont, rich folk who's hands are often idle and who's never done a honest day's work, the Black Fan is an excellent capstone to their builds.

suika · 8870
How do you put this in Calvin? — CrimsonMatt · 2
You put this on Calvin with Bob Jenkins, Suika has foresight — EmoPenguin4 · 1
Sefina is a painter, I'd surmise she works with her hands often! — Chitinid · 14
This is excellent in a Jenny Barnes deck, that utilizes Dr. Elli Horowitz — discman86 · 1
Rogues can now buy extra hands! — althaea · 1
@althaea How so? — grifjo06 · 1
Hidden Pocket. It requires an armor or clothing asset and only works with illicit cards, but that covers 95% of the Rogue hand slot cardpool. — althaea · 1