Intrigue. Stage 1
Doom: 6. Clues: –
The interior of the old masonic hall is eerily quiet, aside from the distant plink of dripping water and the creaking of the building under the weight of your feet. You get the feeling that your arrival may have been expected.

Forced - When your turn begins, if you are at a fully flooded location, you struggle for air: When your turn ends, if you did not enter an unflooded or partially flooded location during your turn, take 5 direct damage.

Nele Diel
La Tanière de Dagon #276. La Tanière de Dagon #3.
The Initiation (v. II)

Encounter in the Deep - Back

In a flooded hall of the Order, you come across an onyx statue depicting a creature similar to the ones you saw in Devil Reef. Just as you are pondering the nature of its existence, you hear faint chanting up ahead: "Y'ha-nthlei! Y'ha-nthlei!" Before you can interpret the strange syllables, there is a splash behind you. You retreat as the figures approach, hoping to evade them. Their muffled chanting reaches a crescendo when, suddenly, all goes quiet.

Remove 2 tokens from the chaos bag. Check Campaign Log.

- If a jailbreak is listed under "Memories Recovered" in your Campaign Log, spawn the set-aside Suspect enemy at a Third Floor location, or at the Grand Entryway if a Third Floor location is not in play (ignoring that enemy's revelation ability). That enemy enters play exhausted.

- Otherwise, nothing else happens.

The Initiation (v. II)

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