Oriab. Ville. Port.

Valeur Occulte: 2. Indices: 1.


Victory 1.
"The wharves of Baharna are of porphyry, and the city rises in great stone terraces behind them..."
– H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Nele Diel
À la Recherche de Kadath #136. À la Recherche de Kadath #18.



Each investigator at Baharna may return an Item or Supply card from their discard pile to their hand.

Remember that the investigators have "obtained supplies from Baharna."

Flip this card back over.

The city of Baharna is a thriving and bustling harbor where you can find all manner of trade goods, provisions, and other wares. In the marketplace, you find supplies that may aid you in your expedition to lands farther south, as well as beasts of burden to carry your belongings. It should not surprise you that the most common of these creatures are zebras, and yet you are stunned nonetheless. You could spend days perusing the bazaar and still find oddities to spark your imagination. Truly this is a land of wonders.
À la Recherche de Kadath #136.
Wares of Baharna


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