Intrigue. Stage 2
Doom: 6. Clues: –
A monstrous presence has infested St. Mary’s. It lies inside the walls and watches you from all sides. In mere minutes, it has spun thick, sticky webbing throughout each of the rooms you visit. The lights are either flickering or out across the hospital, and some of the more advanced medical machinery is broken and covered in cobwebs.

Forced - At the end of the mythos phase: Make an infestation test.

Robert Laskey
Les Dévoreurs de Rêves #65. Cauchemar Éveillé #3.
The Infestation Spreads

Hell Breaks Loose - Back

Suddenly, chaos breaks out in the hospital. THe sound of chittering and crashing emerges from the walls. In the darkness, you can barely make out the shapes of bizarre spiderlike creatures scurrying in the distance. As you round a corner, you spot an orderly writhing on the polished floor, convulsing violently as though possessed by an insidious force. You rush to his side and flip him onto his back... and find that nearly all of his face is covered in thick webbing, and his eyes are wide and glazed over. He does not react as you shake him.

Find each Suspicious Orderly enemy in play and replace it with a set-aside Corrupted Orderly enemy (it keeps its game state, all tokens, and all attachments).

Search the encounter deck and discard pile for each copy of Suspicious Orderly and remove them from the game.

Shuffle the set-aside Agents of Atlach-Nacha encounter set, each remaining set-aside Corrupted Orderly enemy, and the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck.

Add 1 token and 1 token to the infestation bag.

The Infestation Spreads

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