Intrigue. Stage 2
Doom: 10. Clues: –
As you continue through the woods, you notice the dark mist which has permeated the island is starting to drift away from the shoreline, toward the center of the island where the beacon of spectral energy still rises into the sky.
Lenka Šimečková
Union et Désillusion #240. Union et Désillusion #3.
Crossroads of Fate

A Victor Emerges - Back

A powerful gale sweeps through the island from its center, and the spectral pillar marking the site of the Lodge's ritual suddenly bursts outward. Dozens of specters and phantasmal shapes fly across the treetops and weave through the woods. You will never forget their shrieks, like hundreds of deathcries sounding at once.
With a final surge of power, the stone obelisk at the center of the island shatters. Trees bend from the tremendous force that is unleashed, and you are pummeled to the ground. Everything goes black.

Each surviving investigator is defeated and suffers 1 physical trauma.


Crossroads of Fate

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