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It was also possible that the inhabitants of a given dimensional realm could survive entry to many unknown and incomprehensible realms of additional or indefinitely multiplied dimensions - be they within or outside the given space-time continuum - and that the converse would be likewise true.
- H. P. Lovecraft, The Dreams in the Witch House
Moldy Halls

Moldy Halls
Earlier Tonight


Extradimensionnel. Maison de la Sorcière.

Shroud: 2. Clues: 0

: You request aid from your past self. Each investigator at this location may return 1 card from his or her discard pile to his or her hand. Each investigator who does so remembers that he or she "meddled with the past." (Group limit once per game.)

Robert Laskey
Le Nom Secret #134. Le Nom Secret #15.
Moldy Halls

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