Intrigue. Stage 7
Doom: –
You never should have come here.

Forced - At the end of the 'check doom threshold' step of the mythos phase: The investigators must draw 1 additional encounter card for each doom in play, in player order.

Objective - If each investigator is defeated, advance this agenda.

Helge C. Balzer
Les Profondeurs de Yoth #284. Les Profondeurs de Yoth #8.

The Chasm - Back

The serpents chase you relentlessly through the tunnels and ruined cities of Yoth, giving you no quarter, no rest, no chance of escape. You cannot hope to hide from their uncanny senses, nor can you run for much longer. Desperate for any way to elude them - any way at all - you run to a nearby chasm. A lone narrow bridge spans the pit. Underneath is a bottomless black abyss that devours the red light of Yoth.



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