Acte. Stage 2
Clues: 2.
Whatever is inside this central chamber must be very important; much care was taken to obscure its location.

: Explore. Draw the top card of the exploration deck. If it is a connecting location, put it into play and move to it.

Objective - Only investigators in the Chamber of Time may spend the requisite number of clues, as a group, to advance.

Vlad Ricean
La Civilisation Oubliée #58. The Doom of Eztli #5.
Magic and Science

The Relic - Back

The relic hums with power and throbs in your hands. Energy from the device seeps into the corridors of the ruins, and the structure of the temple shifts.

Choose an investigator in the Chamber of Time to take control of the Relic of Ages.

Move the placement of each location to form a straight line, with the Chamber of Time on the left and the Entryway on the right. Each other location is placed from left to right in between these two locations, in order of how much doom is on them, from lowest to highest (in the event of a tie, you may decide the order).

Until the end of the scenario, ignore all location connections. Instead, each location is connected to each location to its left and right.

Magic and Science

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