Ishimaru Haruko
Costume Designer



Cost: –.

If you have 6 or more cards in your hand: Parley. Test (2) to question Haruko about the play. If you succeed, take control of 1 of the clues on Ishimaru Haruko.

Forced - When the last clue is removed from Ishimaru Haruko: Flip this card over and resolve its text.

"My, what a bold choice of dress."
Matt Bradbury
La Route de Carcosa #78. The Last King #18.
Ishimaru Haruko

Remember that you "interviewed Haruko."

Flip this card back over to its Bystander asset side.

In speaking with Miss Ishimaru, you discover that she designed all of the costumes worn in tonight's performance, save for one. "That 'Stranger' character… Peculiar role, is it not? For whatever reason, Mr. Engram would not allow me to change his outfit, not one bit. And that mask!" She scoffs. "Did you know, one time I found that actor - I don't even know his name! - I found him drawing a strange pattern behind the backdrop for the second act. You know the one, with the two suns. He gave me a terrible stare, and I daresay I jumped right off the stage and ran!" You ask what the pattern looked like, and she finds a nearby napkin and begins to draw. Her re-creation is much more detailed than you expected: rings of concentric semicircles lined with strange runes, and at the center is a pair of wavy lines. You ask her what it means, and she shrugs. "Haven't the slightest clue."
La Route de Carcosa #78.
The Pattern

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