Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

Rapide. À jouer après que vous avez vaincu un ennemi Monstre.

Chaque investigateur dans votre lieu se soigne d'un nombre d'horreurs égal à la valeur d'horreur de cet ennemi.

C'est une maigre consolation, mais c'est mieux que rien.
Ethan Patrick Harris
Aux Frontières du Visible #225.
« Si ça Saigne... »


  • Fast and cheap
  • Will help you recover at least 1, often 2 Sanity
  • Can heal other investigators at your location; so spread the love around. Remember, you can take your investigator turns in any order, so it's easy to set up
  • Has both a Combat and a Willpower skill token, so it's never useless
  • Gruesome artwork. What did you DO to that creature?


  • You need to kill a monster, and preferably one with a medium to high horror value

This is a card clearly designed to help low sanity guardians (Zoey and Roland) survive their romp through the horrors of Arkham. The added bonus of healing your friends is just icing on an already delicious cake and fits with the guardian theme of leading from the front.

How is "If it's bleed..." compared to other sanity restoring cards? First Aid takes 4 actions to heal 3 Horror for 2 resources, but can also heal Stamina damage. Moment of Respite (sort of the opposite to this card) restores 3 sanity and a card, but costs both Xp, 3 resoruces and an action. Smoking Pipe restores up to 3 Sanity, but at the cost of stamina and one action.

This card is superior, I'd say, as long as you kill 2 horror value monsters. Which I bet you do twice, before breakfast. =)

olahren · 707
You forgot to add one pro. It's a reference to the movie Predator (1987). "If it bleeds...we can kill it!" — Andronikus · 1
It might be worth mentioning this is the only card in the game without a trait, which is weird or a misprint... — ArkhamArkhanist · 4

"Fire in the hole.”

Rita was awed by the psychologist’s flat affect. It has been kind of upsetting, that Peter would hang out with her instead of a fellow Squid, but she could understand it now.

Joe Diamond, no stranger to these types of cases, ducked behind the couch. Sure, it all started as “stick to the plan”…But he saw those red sticks peeking out of Carolyn’s purse.

“You know Di is in there, right?”

The explosion was a hell of an answer. Whatever ghoul the circle had dreamt up was now decorating the parlor.

As Diana emerged, her robe slightly singed, Dr. Fern lectured the group on witchcraft and its role in protofeminist gatherings.

Everyone felt better that they weren’t her.

MrGoldbee · 1007