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Il n'est guère rassurant de constater, en regardant de plus près, que la plupart des maisons sont désertes et tombent en ruines...
– H.P. Lovecraft, « L'Abomination de Dunwich »
Ruines Calcinées


Shroud: 2. Clues: 3.

Forcé – Après avoir échoué à un test de compétence pendant que vous enquêtiez dans les Ruines Calcinées : retournez 1 pion indice de ce lieu pour que sa face fatalité soit visible.

S'il n'y a aucun indice dans ce lieu : piochez la carte Rencontre sous les Ruines Calcinées. (Limite collective d'une fois par partie.)

Mariusz Gandzel
Du Sang sur l'Autel #205. Du Sang sur l'Autel #11.
Ruines Calcinées
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  • [Errata from FAQ v1.1]: This card's text should read: Forced instead of .
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It's worth noting that although the additional doom isn't great, it does result in clues being permanently 'destroyed', and so Act 1b will result in fewer clues being put on The Hidden Chamber than normal. If health/sanity pressure are more threatening than doom pressure (or you can stack up a bunch of doom during the 'witching hour' before an agenda advances), this can be quite a boon in saving actions for R2/R3. (The fact that you 'fail' the investigation doesn't matter, since the goal is simply to remove clues, not collect them.)

In fact, there's even some benefit in Blood on the Altar to faster agenda advancement -- firstly, more sacrifices means an easier time with Undimensioned and Unseen (and thus Where Doom Awaits), which may be worth more than a story asset; secondly, if none of your unique allies have been Kidnapped! yet, then prematurely advancing the agenda can ensure that you have enough turns to beat the scenario in between one getting Kidnapped and them being sacrificed.

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