Révélation – Choisissez un soutien que vous contrôlez et qui ne soit pas un soutien d'histoire, mélangez-le dans votre deck et défaussez les 3 cartes du dessus de votre deck. Si un exemplaire de ce soutien est défaussé, subissez 2 horreurs.

Igor Kieryluk
L'Héritage de Dunwich #100. L'Au-Delà #1-2.
Propulsé dans l'Au-Delà

The text of this card is very missleading. As I encountered this one the first time without a single asset into my play area besides from permanents, it was kind of unclear to me, if I have to discard 3 cards or not. Since i cannot fulfill the "choose" part of the card, what to do next. The word "and" has no entry in the rulebook, so hard to say. In my opinion the cards wording should be: Revelation - Choose a non-story asset you control then shuffle it into your deck. Discard the top 3 cards of your deck. If a copy of that asset is discarded, take 2 horror.

thakaris · 181
If they had wanted the discard to be conditional, they would have said ‘Then discard...’ since ‘then’ is their keyword for a step condiiibal in the previous one resolving. I think your proposed wording is clearly the correct interpretation. ‘Do A and B’ means ‘Do A. Do B.’ I think it’s the same way that Emergency Cache 2 (Gain 3 resources and draw a card.) will still draw a card even if an effect (such as sacrificial beast) prevents you from gaining resources. — Death by Chocolate · 978

This is more of a question than a point but Solemn Vow explicitly says it is played under the control of another investigator. So plausibly I can target it with this card, shuffle it into my deck, draw it and play it under the control of same investigator who owns it. Also, unless I'm also running Solemn Vow in my own deck it's probably the best target...

BrianCole · 3
I don't think you can shuffle a card you don't own into your deck. Or at least, you can't shuffle in a card another player owns. I don't think you can choose it as a target, because nothing would happen. — SGPrometheus · 594
You can choose it as a target. See Ownership and Control in the RRG which says "If a card would enter an out-of-play area that does not belong to the card's owner, the card is physically placed in its owner's equivalent out-of-play area instead. The card is considered to have entered its controller's out-of-play area, and only the physical placement of the card is adjusted.". So you shuffle it into its owners deck, and discard the top 3 cards of your deck. Assuming you don't also have solemn vow in your deck you cannot take 2 horror — NarkasisBroon · 1
Pretty sweet. — SGPrometheus · 594
It is worth pointing out that per that section as quoted, the OP is (slightly) wrong about what happens -- Yes, you can target the Solemn Vow, but no, you don't shuffle it into your deck, you shuffle it into its owners deck (and the rest of Pushed Into the Beyond treats it as though you shuffled it into your deck). — Thatwasademo · 41
(That is to say, NarkasisBroon is entirely correct, but I briefly misread their post as saying the OP was correct and thought others might also) — Thatwasademo · 41

This and Corrosion from Carcosa has made me appreciate throwaway assets like Cherished Keepsake and Leather Coat even more. It's very scary to only have must-have assets in play with this card in the encounter deck.

Pushed into the Beyond and Crypt Chill can both be much safer with the two assets you mentioned, but neither help with Corrosion. Corrosion is better handled by keeping spare expensive items in your hand to feed it. — Death by Chocolate · 978