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Quand vous étiez enfant, on vous a toujours averti de ne pas rester dans ces bois à la nuit tombée. Maintenant, vous savez pourquoi.
Bois d'Arkham

Bois d'Arkham
Vieille Maison



Shroud: 2. Clues: 1.

Enquêtez dans ce lieu en utilisant au lieu de la compétence indiquée lors de la tentative d'enquête.

Une maison couverte de lierre se dresse au bout de la piste. À l'intérieur, le sol et les murs sont jonchés de crasse et de tâches de sang, de boue et d'os épars.
Julian Kok
Boîte de Base #152. Le Dévoreur du Dessous #11.
Bois d'Arkham

This is an interesting location, if you are using Read the Signs. Of course, you could simply ignore the effect, which might make sense, if for instance Marie wants to commit Enraptured or Luke (in a 3 or 4 game) Deduction. But if you don't ignore the effect, you can investigate with twice your . While it doesn't hurt, it's probably overkill for most , even on expert, on a 2 shroud location. Unless the bag is full of -tokens, or Agnes wants to Draw Thin.

As pointed out below, Read the Signs won't be able to ignore that one.

Susumu · 217
Double good for Agnes if she's also running her Bad Blood front and can shuffle RtS back in. — SGPrometheus · 646
Read the Signs doesn't ignore this, since it's not a triggered ability or a triggered-ability-like keyword, though. — Thatwasademo · 43
(You may want to check the FAQ on the page for Read the Signs before you do any more reviews for this project you've mentioned) — Thatwasademo · 43
You are absolutely right. I didn't read the FAQ thoroughly, because it was quite obviouse to me, it does not work with "Locked Doors", due to the second reason. Good to know, I will edit this review, and take the new gained knowledge into account on other cards. Thank you! — Susumu · 217