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SemiSecretSquirrel · 127

Hello my friends! Leo is back at it again! But this time, he isn't going to have (potentially) 32 ammo on his M1918 BAR due to double contraband- No sir. He's going to have That..! + Equipping it alongside his .45 Thompson, AND his sledgehammer!

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that Bandolier does Not have the Clothing or Armor trait. So, I modified this deck to make it work.

I added Hunter's Armor, and ticked the first box, giving it the Relic trait. It now takes up an arcane slot, instead of the body slot.

You will now have Hunter's Armor taking up your Arcane slot, and Bandolier using the Body slot, while attaching both copies of hidden pocket to Hunter's Armor.

So let's try this again:

Hunters Armor + 2x hidden pocket + Bandolier

Thus..! Allowing us to equip the BAR, Thompson, and Sledgehammer. You can swap the sledge for the Cyclpopian Hammer, of course. Dealers choice.

Other notable (get fucked) Combo Wombos:

(I said Wombos X-)

Get that XP!

2x Let God Sort (those poor fuckers) = 2XP

1x Delve to (motherfucking) deep = 1XP

1X Charon's Obol = 2 (motherfucking) XP per scenario (You do have to, of course, not be defeated; but, that's on you, my friend.)

Potentially 5xp (2 for sure) each scenario!

Double or Nothing your attacks to kill literally anything.

With Leo, you have 4 turns with the M1918BAR, allowing you to hit for, potentially, 20 Damage, or 30 (motherfucking) Damage with 2x Double or Nothing.

Oh, and you still have 12 Ammo left in the M1918BAR if you were able to use your 2x Contraband... and you have the .45 Thompson...and the Sledge Hammer.. So.. there's that..

Also, if the the Ghoul Priest is defeated: Spend 4 more rounds, taking 16 turns, emptying your leftover 17 rounds, cave his head in with the Sledgehammer, and use that last action to, idk, draw a card? Have a beer? Piss on the corpse?

Ya know what? Let's just grab a resource, we owe that to ourselves.

Other notable fuckeries:

Heal some horror with If it Bleeds

Kick the Hornets Nest to find an enemy, get a clue, and grab some resources

Use on the Hunt to (hopefully) grab an Elite enemy for more potential Victory Points.

Scene of the Crime for some clues.

Well-Maintained to get your weapons back.

Using Leo (the Ally) to get 4 actions helps to play Let God Sort Them Out on that 4th turn if needed. And Grete will help get clues when you kill things.

Bring someone to clue :)

Now, I know some of this is Pie in the Sky situations, but I just wanted to show the potential of how shit could go down.

Off the top of my head, these are a few cards I wanted to include:

Scout Ahead

Lv. 3 On the Hunt

Watch This

High Roller

Hot Streak (2)

Ace of Swords

Shotgun or Cyclpopian Hammer

Double BAR or Thompson (or both) if I have enough XP

Stand Together


Act of Desperation via Versatile is a fun combo with .45 Thompson.

Put Well-Maintained on it, use all your bullets, then AOD to swing for 6 Fist, 2 Damage, get 6 resources, and return .45 Thompson to your hand.


See ya Space Cowboy! o/'


Sep 19, 2023 DerBK · 1636

Versatile for Delve Too Deep? Now i've seen everything. :D

Sep 19, 2023 SemiSecretSquirrel · 127

@DerBK Honestly, I took it because I was greedy and need more cards. I added Hunter's Armor and Hidden pocket. And I figured DtD for the xp :) Why not!