Unstoppable Survivor (True Solo, Normal/Hard) Updated 2023

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Dark Horse Duke (Solo) - Updated (my best solo deck) 825 673 59 7.0
Inspiration for
„Ashcan“ Pete fights with Bow and spell 1 1 0 1.0

walla · 559

Check the new Unstoppable Survivor deck upgraded in 2024!

Ready to complete any campaign in true solo with only 25 Victory Points?

Investigate: 8 | Fight: 7 | Treachery: 9 | Tempo: 9 | Consistency: 8

I have played this deck in all official campaigns released until 2022, including TFA, TCU and TSK. The original inspiration came from this deck from jamjams32, after playing many campaigns I'm quite confident that it is even more balanced with the new cards released. You will gain the ultimate tempo and adaptability to investigate, fight and pass treachery and agility tests. This deck doesn't have any taboo card.


  1. Get Plucky (3) before the first scenario thanks to the 3xp given by purchasing In the Thick of It
  2. Mulligan: keep Leo De Luca and Scrounge for Supplies because they will give you an extra action for the whole scenario. Keep Plucky (3) for the +1 and +1
  3. Play Leo De Luca (0) as early as possible, leveraging your mulligan and Scrounge for Supplies to search among the 10 cards discarded by Short Supply
  4. Play Plucky (3), Sledgehammer (0) and Dark Horse leveraging Resourceful
  5. Play Faustian Bargain, Take Heart and Crack the Case when you need resources to play assets.

You will have incredible tempo and action compression with:

You will investigate successfully with:

You will fight successfully with:

You will pass treachery tests successfully with:

With few upgrades your consistency will increase even further.

  • Jacob Morrison (3) gives you +2 in any test, and you can ready him by discarding a card with Ashcan Pete's ability. Very helpful in Hard mode
  • Sledgehammer (4) gives you +5 and +5 damage, you can move to the enemy location and kill an elite enemy with 6 health in one turn thanks to the fourth action from Leo De Luca
  • Lucky (3) gives you +3 in any test, it is very helpful when Dark Horse is in play and can be drawn from the discard pile with Resourceful.


Then some options

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear thoughts and experiences.


Mar 05, 2023 Valentin1331 · 59403

I like your deck description. Concise yet very clear.

For the deck, it also looks straightforward and really effective, perfect for beginner players that do not want to get overwhelmed with heavy mechanics. Good job!

Mar 05, 2023 walla · 559

@Valentin1331 Thank you, that means a lot, coming from an expert like you!

Mar 05, 2023 PJFrigate · 288

I like an asset-light, skill-heavy deck. I think you nailed the Survivor vibe here!

Mar 05, 2023 walla · 559

@PJFrigate thanks!

Mar 27, 2023 chunks · 1

Will be trying out this game tomorrow while teaching a friend the game (he will be playing Winifred's deck), looking forward to it! Any reason why Yaotl is no longer being used in Pete/Duke decks? I always enjoyed that combination.

Mar 27, 2023 walla · 559

@chunks would love to hear how your game goes! On one hand Yaotl) is certainly a good ally in combination with +4 desperate skills, on the other hand Leo) De Luca's extra action and Jacob) Morrison +2 on any skill give you a higher consistency in the game!

Mar 29, 2023 chunks · 1

@walla Had a great time with the deck! Played through Night of the Zealot with my friend (who was new to the game) and was the sole survivor of the last scenario! Also thank you for explaining about Yaotl!

Mar 29, 2023 walla · 559

@chunks delighted to hear!

Apr 07, 2023 Rolandironfist · 25

I think the deck is missing card draw? I would have gone for Unrelenting as an upgrade, and probably true survivor for recursion. Obviously it becomes more money intensive. With Jacob only being readied by discarding a card, it feels limiting? With no added bless tokens, it feels like the ability is more useful for duke.

Apr 07, 2023 walla · 559

@Rolandironfist All great points! (1) Unrelenting: what would you swap with? Since this deck needs little set up, I found that Short Supply + Scrounge for Supplies + Resourceful often give me the cards I want. Worst case scenario, I use a turn to draw four cards with Leo de Luca. (2) True survivor: since it costs 3xp and 3 resources, I'd upgrade after the other priority cards. (3) Jacob: playing true solo in normal/hard I ready him more often that I ready Duke for how useful he is!

Apr 07, 2023 Rolandironfist · 25

So At A Crossroads and Unrelenting are the 2 good card draw cards that survivor now has (outside of Nothing left to Lose) So I'd probably remove the desperates, but if you think you're getting good value out of them, then I'm not sure! I'm surprised you get such good value out of jacob when he's just an unexpected courage. As in, every card in your hand becomes an unexpected courage, and the desperates by definition lose symbols in that context. But you would need the cards to feed him so net positive card draw is probably good? Otherwise I'm sure you're quickly down to 1 card a turn? And what if that card is a card you want to play?

Apr 08, 2023 walla · 559

@Rolandironfist I find Desperate skills to be great because during a campaign there are often some hard tests in mid-late scenarios that have 6+ skill value (scenario cards, elite enemy...). Desperate skills can be played from turn one thanks to In the Thick of It. I added Take Heart because it combines draw and resources in case I need to play an asset while Dark Horse is in play. The benefit of Jacob is that every card in my hand becomes a Lucky rather than an Unexpected Courage, improving the reliability of the chaos bag. This deck uses only 26xp, I agree that At A Crossroads, Unrelenting and also Stroke of Luck can be nice upgrades with the extra XP.

Oct 14, 2023 An_Undecayed_Whately · 918

What do you think about Granny Orne (3) instead of Jacob? Would the stat bonuses and readying outweigh the +2 reaction?

Oct 15, 2023 walla · 559

@An_Undecayed_Whately I agree that Granny Orne (3) is amazing and she would be the stronger ally in most decks, but Ashcan Pete's unique ability to ready Jacob Morrison (3) by discarding a card makes Jacob +2 reaction more consistent on all types of tests, including fight and agility. Have you seen the new card Long Shot (0) from The Feast of Hemlock? It will help Duke deal 3 damage in one action, I will try replacing Sledgehammer (0) with two Ice Pick (1) and Scavenging (0) to have more flexibility.

Mar 11, 2024 Vanesko · 1

Hello, I really like this deck. Thanks to her, I fell in love with playing solo. Please tell me if you will release an update to this deck with cards from The Feast of Hemlock Vale?

Mar 12, 2024 walla · 559

@Vanesko Great news, I just published this) new Unstoppable Survivor deck updated with all cards released until 2024! I changed many cards, please add a Like, Favorite and Comment if you appreciate the new deck :)

Mar 12, 2024 walla · 559

@Vanesko Great news, I just published this new Unstoppable Survivor deck updated with all cards released until 2024! I changed many cards, please add a Like, Favorite and Comment if you appreciate the new deck :)

Mar 12, 2024 walla · 559

@An_Undecayed_Whately I followed your suggestion to replace Jacob Morrison (3) with Granny Orne (3) in the new deck, with many other improvements with the cards in Feast of Hemlock Vale. Thanks for the idea!