Charlie's Angels: Go Get 'Em, Girls

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aughhhh · 23

"Good Morning, Angels!"

Bonnie winced, and realized then and there just how far Mr. Kane's most recent campaign expenditures had gone off the rails.

This is a deeply stupid theorycrafted deckbuild that looks to build a combat Charlie Kane with a surprising amount of (often testless) burst damage.

Nephthys is the real powerhouse ally of this build, with her access to constant testless damage and Charlie's ability to exhaust her (and just her!) for a +3 on combat tests. Delilah O'Rourke helps out with her static boost and finishes off enemies that Nepthys doesn't kill outright, Grete Wagner is there to pick up clues after Delilah and Nepthys clean house, and Jessica Hyde lets you pump damage into her with Spirit of Humanity so you can fill your bag with blesses for Nepthys.

Wrap them all up in Bandages when they take damage (and pull them out of the dumpster with resourceful and reuse them - we're running a business, here!) and then drink some nice Liquid Courage to soothe your mind from the mental rigors of overindulging in Spirit of Humanity, the challenges of the mythos, and from the ethical ramifications of running a shamelessly hypersexualized and exploitative all-female private investigation service in 2022 1922.

It would be nice to sub in Aquinnah for even more testless damage and horror soak, (ostensibly after Grete or Delilah leave the show to pursue a solo acting career) but I'm still figuring out how that would work.

Best paired with Carson Sinclair, who we can pretend is Bosley.