Double Barreled Chotgun

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Tanz444 · 9

This standalone deck is a ton of fun to play and will give the player plenty of strategic choices and opportunities to help advance the scenario when smashing enemies is not called for. It's built using the 19 exp level, so you'll need to draw 1 extra weakness at setup.

But don't worry, it will absolutely decimate enemies when the time comes and what's more fun than blasting away mythos monsters with a shotgun?


There are a couple of nice tricks this deck can do:

  • Look out for Crystallizer of Dreams, it has plenty of intellect and strength targets which are super useful and can spawn a helpful enemy.
  • Toe to Toe, Lesson Learned, and Counterpunch synergize nicely. Always think about these combos before landing a KO on your enemy.
  • Is your shotgun not over succeeding? Tap your Heavy Furs and try again, then pull them back to hand with Tetsuo Mori.
  • Without committing cards Nathaniel attacks with an Old Shotgun at 8. If you have Relentless down, consider spending a shell on a low-strength enemy to bank an incredible amount of resources fast!
  • Because Old Shotgun costs 0 you will always be able to play it when playing Randall Cho.


You're going to want to get a shotgun into your hands, so be on the lookout for those. If you don't see one in your opening set, consider retaining Randall or Tetsuo for their abilities to go grab you one. Likewise, I always retain Custom Ammo, just so I can be ready when I do draw into Old Shotgun.

The Crystallizer of Dreams is worth its weight in gold especially if you can get it up early.


There are cards in the deck to mitigate this, but obviously, there is the possibility that you are not going to get a gun into play. It's happened to me, and while it's frustrating the deck is not rendered ineffective. There are plenty of attack events that are boosted by Nathaniel's ability that will usually get you through.

Have you noticed Nathaniel's low intellect? Without crystallized cards to commit or enemies to trigger Lesson Learned or Evidence! off of you might find clue gathering a bit of a problem. In these situations I do 1 of 2 things, I either explore the map looking for low shroud locations that I can potentially investigate, or I use cards like Toe to Toe in the hopes to draw into Scene of the Crime, On the Trail or Take the Initiative when I can then use.