#CPA-TDL - Chaos Crew - Zoey Samaras

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itsme_itsme · 27

This is the old version of the deck, new deck is here: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/29875/cpa-tdl-chaos-crew-too-zoey-samaras-2.0

Campaign Play-Along with Mythobusters.

  • Campaign: Return to Dunwich Legacy
  • Difficulty: Hard - 2 player
  • Taboo: 2020
  • Card Pool: NotZ x2, RtNotZ, Starters, TDL, RtTDL
  • Team: Chaos Crew
  • Role: Fighter
  • Teammates: Lola Hayes

Handy text is shamelessly stolen from @Lola Hayes

Randomly rolled Zoey, gonna take her through Dunwich for the campaign play-along (Mythos Busters).