Finn - Farkham build 1

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CritCamp_Lyle · 49

Hard Knocks is a substitute for new Streetwise (0xp version)

Stealth is a substitute for new Pilfer (3xp version)

This deck is at 18xp. I could have added another 10xp to upgrade Burglary (2xp each) and the new Lucky Cigarette Case (3xp each), but didn't think it was worth it.

Cards that didn't make the cut:

Peter Sylvestre or Dr. Milan Christopher (would have to cut other off class cards).

Tennessee Sour Mash (figured I'm gonna lose head tests anyway).

Additional damage cards like Backstab, Sneak Attack, and Cheap Shot (went for a specialized build).

Additional resource generation like Emergency Cache and Sneak By (think my assets should cover it)


Aug 01, 2020 Django · 4299

Where were those new cards shown or leaked? At the online gencon? What do they do?

Aug 01, 2020 CritCamp_Lyle · 49

@DjangoNot sure where the leaks originated from, but looks like the cards will be introduced with the Winifred starter deck. Here's a link I found showing them: