Nuclear Skids

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Difrakt · 746

A conceptual Three Aces deck for Skids. The idea with this deck is to assemble a nuclear boom engine that triggers Three Aces/All In/DoN together to draw half your deck in a single turn. It's well understood that Mandy is the best default user of Three Aces because Rogues do not have native capability to tutor out the second and third copy of myriad cards, and Three Aces is difficult to use otherwise.

What Rogues do have is All In and Double or Nothing, which together are capable of drawing enormous quantities of cards. With Three Aces you can guarantee a full trigger of this combo without worrying about any risk at all.

As a combo deck there are still issues with drawing your desired pieces. For this we thin our deck with Easy Mark and cards like Daring or generic value cards like Take the Initiative. Finally, Lucid Dreaming with Double Double can be a "poor" Rogue's Mandy by duplicating the effect and acquiring both the 2nd and 3rd copies. This full combo won't be initially available, but once you assemble it you should be capable of pulling off numerous boom-turns sequentially.

The remaining cards are either valuable assets or ways of utilizing your over-draw to create value (Watch This, Swift Reflexes, Ace in the Hole, Skids ID)

The cards in this deck are generally speaking 'good' so even before you assemble your engine the idea is to survive and accelerate, something Skids is just good at. Its a concept deck which I hope to test out at some point, but let me know if you try it.


Jan 14, 2020 vvi1g12 · 6

I am seeing the combo potential. However, I am struggling to see the impact. Have you considered Backstab or Ornate Bow? With the combo it is easy 6 damage? Or maybe a Lola to have some use for all the cash. Constantly drawing and reshuffling your deck would mean seeing your weaknesses multiple times and there are many you certainly don't want to see every turn - Doomed, Overzealous, Amnesia...

Enough of me being pessimistic - it sure seem like a fun deck to try at some point. Great job for coming with it :)

Jan 14, 2020 Difrakt · 746

It's definitely a concept deck, I haven't attempted to pilot this through any scenarios.

That being said I just wanted to include the core and primary combo elements of the idea, I didn't think too hard about secondary assets so I'm sure Ornate Bow or Backstab would be good choices for various reasons. Double or Nothing on All In however I find to be very potent at avoiding, or at least concentrating your weaknesses towards the bottom of the deck as All In doesn't draw any weaknesses it sees.