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Joe Diamond - P.I.Staker (Hard Mode) - Now Improved! 644 538 41 1.0
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WiglafSmith · 7

circle undone


Apr 09, 2019 KingsGambit · 11

Really good deck. I tried it out on NotZ and really liked it. I upgraded 2x Beat Cops and swapped Inquiring Mind for Charisma for next scenario, and upgraded 45 Autos and swapped other Inquiring Mind for Higher Education (it helped with the Will tests in Devourer Below).

I really liked how many fast cards there were. One turn I spent an action to move, exhausted Beat Cop to kill an Acolyte, used Evidence for a clue, used shortcut for another move, investigated for a clue and played an asset with my Dr. Milan money.

I want to like Fingerprint Kit more...I found this deck because I searched for a Joe deck with that card specifically. But I only played it once. 4 resources is so pricey and I'd prefer a machete TBH. Are there no decent accessories or other assets for Joe? Not so keen on Inquiring Mind....maybe one of the new Tarot cards?

Nice deck. All the fast actions, and cards like Steadfast, Scene of Crime and Working a Hunch really help out and give Joe an advantage. So many 4 resource cards tho, resources can be a real issue.

Apr 23, 2019 WiglafSmith · 7

Yeah I also want to like Fingerprint Kit more. My issue is that I’m playing him solo and I don’t have as much need for getting multiple clues at a location. I swapped in a Guardian Tarot cars and it did some excellent work. The events in the hunch deck really feel nice and allow you to save resources. I’ve not had a big issue with resources actually since I only use them on a two or three assets. I mulligan for a weapon and an ally, and once you have them it’s usually off to the races. I’m surprised you don’t like Inquiring Mind. Perhaps because I’m playing The Circle Undone I’m spending more time at locations with clues, so it’s just a nice skill boost consistently.