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Regardez les 4 cartes du dessus du deck Rencontre. Révélez un pion pris au hasard dans la réserve du Chaos. Si ce pion a un symbole , , , ou , mélangez ces cartes dans le deck Rencontre. Sinon, remettez-les au-dessus du deck Rencontre dans l'ordre de votre choix.

« Si je vous disais que je peux vous révéler l'heure de votre mort, voudriez-vous la connaître ? »
Alice Duke
Jacqueline Fine #15.
Destinées Parallèles


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This seems really good for Gloria Goldberg. "Look at the top 4 cards of the encounter deck." - period. She gets to pull 5 and use her ability to filter a really bad card. Then perform the token draw and possibly place the rest back as needed.

Taevus · 685
On the positive end, it's a deep search, which has great utility in multiplayer especially. On the negative end, it takes an action and is highly likely to whiff. You still get to use her ability here, but I think this card is not as much of a priority for Gloria as Alyssa, Scroll, Scrying, or even other Encounter deck one off search effects like First Watch. — StyxTBeuford · 12942
I agree that it's good for Gloria. If there was a 0-cost event that read "Look at the top 5 cards of the encounter deck, then discard one and shuffle the rest back into the encounter deck" it would get played. Look at the glass half-full: it's not that there might be a downside of shuffling, it's that there is an upside of maybe they won't shuffle. :) — jbailey86 · 1

This is a flavorful card, but I'm not sure how effective it is outside of Jacqueline or another chaos bag manipulation Mystic. It's also of less use in Solo, since you can't parcel out the cards to the investigators best suited to withstand them, although knowing what the next 4 Mythos Phases are going to spit out isn't nothing (always assuming the Act or Agenda doesn't reshuffle the Encounter Deck before you get to the 4th Round).

It's most similar to First Watch, with -1 cost, requires an action, has a "bad stuff token" test, and always looks at 4 cards. In 4-player, First Watch is much better, in 2-player, Parallel Fates lets you pick between investigators for 2 turns, so it probably edges the card out.

Gloria Goldberg might like this, since it synergies with her ability, although she'll need chaos bag support to make it really work. All in all, this might have a few too many moving pieces to be a mainstay, and I'd be happier if it was Fast or didn't have the token pull, but maybe future cards will make it more reliable.

I agree this card really needs fast to make it viable and fun. It still wouldn't be particularly powerful. — housh · 158
Don't forget that it is worthwhile even if the agenda advances and reshuffles. If you see a card you don't have an answer for, push it to the bottom and let the agenda reshuffle it. It's a bit jank, but I've done it with Scrying and it can be helpful to avoid certain treacheries you just don't have the patience for. — LaRoix · 1634
Look at top 4. Works with Mandy? — petercheungjr · 1
It doesn't say "search", so my understanding is that you cannot use Mandy's ability with this card. — snacc · 969