Perform the setup as indicated in The Forgotten Age Campaign Guide, with the following exceptions:

- When gathering encounter sets, also gather the new encounter sets for Return to Heart of the Elders, Part 1 shown here.

- Remove Act 1a - "Search for the Pattern" from the game and replace it with the new Act 1a - "A Familiar Pattern."

(Continued on reverse side.)

Renouveau - La Civilisation Oubliée #45. Renouveau - Piliers du Jugement #1.
Return to Heart of the Elders, Part 1

Return to Heart of the Elders, Part 1 - Back


- When building the exploration deck, include only 1 of the 2 locations with each of the following connection symbols, chosen at random:

Purple Moon, Blue Triangle, Red Square, Orange Heart. Remove the other 4 Jungle locations from the game without looking at them. Do not include any of the other encounter cards listed in the original setup instructions. (There should be a total of 6 cards.)

For the duration of this scenario, the following additional rules apply:

"The 'check your supplies' ability on the Mouth of K'n-yan can be used from any location.

Forced - After a successful exploration ends: Shuffle the top card of the encounter deck into the exploration deck."

Attach this card to the scenario reference card as a reminder.

Return to Heart of the Elders, Part 1

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