Acte. Stage 2
Clues: –
You've learned the identity of the Advertiser's source: a man named Merle Garvin, who recently returned from an expedition funded by none other than Marshall Hastings. He was last seen anxiously rummaging through the library at the university, though nobody is quite sure why.

Objective - If there are 1 clues on Merle Garvin: You must remove them and immediately advance.

Joshua Cairós
Renouveau - La Civilisation Oubliée #33. Renouveau - Les Fils du Destin #6.
Seeking Trouble

Sent from Another Time - Back

When you finally track Mr. Garvin down and corner him, he is absolutely terrified - not of you, but of something else entirely. "It's coming," he warns. "It won't ever stop until all of us are dead. Please, you have to help me! You have to hide me!" Before you can ask what it is that frightens him so, your unspoken question is answered by a familiar rattling. The dreadful sound makes your skin crawl. How could it be here in Arkham?

Search the collection for the Harbinger of Valusia (The Sleeper Returns) and spawn it at Merle Garvin's location. It enters play with damage on it equal to the amount of damage recorded in parentheses in your Campaign Log. If there are 5 or fewer tally marks under "Yig's Fury" in your Campaign Log, it enters play exhausted.

Advance to Act 3g - "Impossible Pursuit".

Seeking Trouble

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