Acte. Stage 2
Clues: 2.
When you arrive at the Hastings estate, you find it in a much sorrier state than was originally described. The rainforest has come to Arkham, claiming the manor and the surrounding area almost entirely.

Objective - Only investigators at The Hastings Estate can spend the requisite number of clues, as a group, to advance.

Joshua Cairós
Renouveau - La Civilisation Oubliée #31. Renouveau - Les Fils du Destin #4.
The Overgrown Estate

Sent from Another Time - Back

You scour the estate for clues but find nothing that wasn't already described in the Advertiser's article. It's like your fears have come to life: the rainforest has indeed followed you all the way here to Arkham. After dreading this for so long, it's almost a relief to finally be able to confront it. Just then, a familiar rattling echoes through the halls of the manor. The dreadful sound makes your skin crawl. Surely, it couldn't be... could it?

Search the collection for the Harbinger of Valusia (The Sleeper Returns) and spawn it at The Hastings Estate. It enters play with damage on it equal to the amount of damage recorded in parentheses in your Campaign Log. If there are 5 or fewer tally marks under "Yig's Fury" in your Campaign Log, it enters play exhausted.

Advance to Act 3g - "Impossible Pursuit".

The Overgrown Estate

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