Perform the setup as indicated in The Forgotten Age Campaign Guide, with the following exceptions:

- When gathering encounter sets, also gather the new encounter sets for Return to The Doom of Eztli shown here.

- Gather the 3 Pit Viper cards from the Serpents encounter set and set them aside, out of play.

- Before setup, remove the original Burial Pit, Underground Ruins, and Secret Passage locations from the game.

(Continued on reverse side.)

Renouveau - La Civilisation Oubliée #17. Renouveau - Le Fléau des Eztli #1.
Return to The Doom of Eztli

Return to The Doom of Eztli - Back


- Before setup, replace the original Entryway, Ancient Hall, Grand Chamber, and Chamber of Time locations with the new versions from this encounter set.

- Before setup, replace the original Harbinger of Valusia enemy with the new Harbinger of Valusia (The Sleeper Returns)

- When building the exploration deck, use only Sealed Passage, Mosaic Chamber, Tomb of the Ancients, Throne Room, Snake Pit, Ancient Hall, and Grand Chamber. Do not include any of the other encounter cards listed in the original setup instructions.

For the duration of this scenario, the following additional rule apply: "Forced - After a successful exploration ends: Shuffle the top card of the encounter deck into the exploration deck."

Attach this card to the scenario reference card as a reminder.

Return to The Doom of Eztli

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