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Objet. Outil. Arme. Corps-à-corps.

Cost: 1. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

: Combattre. Vous gagnez +2 pour cette attaque.

Défaussez la Pelle de Fossoyeur : découvrez 1 indice dans votre lieu (ou retirez la Pelle de Fossoyeur de la partie pour découvrir 2 indices à la place).

Je savais que j'aurais dû, mais je n'arrivais pas à m'arrêter de creuser.
Matt Bradbury
Renouveau – La Route de Carcosa #10.
Pelle de Fossoyeur

I used this card with Rita Young in a 3 player campaign and it was great! It is comparable to Scene of the Crime in grabbing two clues, but is more flexible without the first action and enemy restrictions, and the fight bonus can be used to kill an odd health enemy here and there.

jmmeye3 · 566
I think two player is the best spot for this card since most locations will have 2 clues. Rita is a good shout since she's limited in clue getting and can actually enjoy the combat boost of this weapon quite a lot. I think it's coolest in Yorick since you can recur it cheaply. Works well as a backup weapon for 1 and 3 health enemies. — StyxTBeuford · 12621
I also really like this as a backup weapon. Yorick is also the best but grabbing 2 clues and removing from the game is also pretty awesome. The other awesome part is that it has two Combat skill icons. Yorick plus Yaotl were awesome with the L2 Shovel, L2 Vicious Blow and Overpower. — TWWaterfalls · 805