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Objet. Charme. Arme. Corps-à-corps.

Coût: 3.


: Combattre. Pour cette attaque, soit vous utilisez votre , soit vous gagnez +1 . Quand vous initiez cette capacité, choisissez une option –

- Inclinez la Serpe de Cérémonie et placez 1 fatalité dessus pour gagner +1 à votre valeur de compétence et infliger +1 dégât pour cette attaque.

- Si un ennemi est vaincu par cette attaque, retirez 1 fatalité de la Serpe de Cérémonie.

Steve Hamilton
Les Clefs Écarlates – Extension Investigateurs #82.
Serpe de Cérémonie


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A good starter weapon for off-mystic guardian investigators. It doesn't take a slot for Lilly Chen and its the ability to get a +2 on tap for a +1 dmg is great for Sister Mary, who struggles to push her fist to reasonable amount. Note that it doesn't have a supply or amno cost attached for a relatively cheap weapon (3r for one handed). The doom can be mitigated if you have another weapon (enchanted blade) or spell besides it in case of autofail on the first attempt to kill a 3hp enemy.

It can be a great pick for Diana as well, since it starts at a reasonable amount for skill tests (3+2) and can be further boosted with daring. In mid game, you will probably be capped in willpower and have some other boosts to complement it. Since it's an item and a weapon, it can also be tutored with back-pack and prepared for the worst, which can be another argument to go for it as those tutors also fetch for her mandatory signature.

mugu · 149
I think I like all these Doom cards best in Dexter since he can just discard them before they become a problem. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
I playtested this on Lily and I think it's really strong on her, too. I mostly came here to point out that it can handle 3 hp enemies very well (big attack + small attack). The Combo with Cat Mask is pretty sick since you get +2 on the first hit and +3 on the second every time. If you have vicious blow or strongarm stance you can also kill a 4 hp enemy and reset the doom. — Leilasaida · 8