Soutien. Arcane


Coût: 2. XP: 1.

Truand Mystique

Utilisations (3 charges).

S'il reste au moins une charge sur Embrouiller : Échapper à. Pour cette tentative d'évasion, vous gagnez +1 à votre valeur de compétence et vous avez le droit d'utiliser au lieu de . En cas de réussite, dépensez 1 charge et vous avez le droit d'effectuer une action supplémentaire lors de ce tour. En cas de réussite avec une différence de 0, subissez 1 dégât.

Andreas Zafiratos
Aux Confins de la Terre – Extension Investigateurs #109.
  • Blur (4) (Aux Confins de la Terre – Extension Investigateurs #111)


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I'm going to give this a try in Patrice Hathaway. It's a cheap spell she can get out that helps her deal with Watcher from Another Dimension. Plus, you get extra actions. I really really like extra actions to deal with hidden weaknesses / weaknesses / playing the things in your hand.

I'm also going to give this a try in Leo Anderson. Leo's lack of innate evasion where sometimes it is required makes this kinda a really interesting choice. HMMM. What a weird investigator.... uses Willpower from Guardian statline on a Rogue/Mystic card that lets you use agility, but Leo takes advantage of the card pool access...

chirubime · 26227
Good thought with Patrice. She can definitely use some more actions. My first thought was actually Finn, you can convert his bonus evade action into a generic action. — Zinjanthropus · 225

For Rogues this card is Eon Chart but the action has to be an evade, and in exchange you get +1 to the test (helpful for succeed by X cards) and it takes up an arcane slot instead of an Accessory. For Rogues that plan on doing a bit of evading, (and that's a lot of them) this card IMO is actually just better than Eon Chart (1) because it gives you a boost and it uses a MUCH less contested slot. The evade restriction isn't even that bad, because usually turns where you have to evade are ones where you want an extra action anyway. IMO a sleeper hit card from Edge, at least for Rogues.

Sylvee · 100
And the accessory slot is already probably one of the most contested for Rogues, when the Arcane Slot is often only used by Haste/Double, Double. I use this card more and more in rogues, especially with Dirty Fighting! — Valentin1331 · 61089

Additional action + no exhaust is sexy since you can continue using that action to evade consecutively, and still have actions to move away. Managing to evade but unable to make some distance and getting caught up again feels bad and that is more likely with more enemies. If a ready enemy is waiting at the next location, you can continue surfing it and get an action to move away yet again a few times. Very reassuring spell for non-fighter that can dip into or , you save engage action for the fighter and your own action at the same time.

I have just tried with Daisy Walker and it has some nice synergy with Encyclopedia play as if succeed, it restore AoO-free state for her to use her free tome and get to work with full 3 actions of Encyclopedia boost, all while dropping engagement for the fighter. It just clicks...

5argon · 8442