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The steep, twisting stairway beyond the doorway leads you deeper and deeper into the caverns below the building. Effigies depicting aquatic monstrosities watch you from both sides as you descend into a realm of alien architecture and otherworldly riches.
Lair of Dagon

Y'ha-nthlei. Lair.

Shroud: 3. Clues: 3.

Forced - After you enter Lair of Dagon: Test your lowest skill (3). If you fail, take 1 horror.

: Test (3) or (3). If you succeed, place 1 of your clues on the current act. You may spend 1 key to place 1 more of your clues on the current act.

Victory 1.
Daria Khlebnikova
La Tanière de Dagon #291. La Tanière de Dagon #18.
Lair of Dagon

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