Old Innsmouth Road - Back

"On the left the creek-threaded countryside was nearer, the narrow road to Ipswich gleaming white in the moonlight." – H. P. Lovecraft, The Shadow over Innsmouth
Cliffside Road


Shroud: 1. Clues: 3.

Road 1.

Forced - When a vehicle leaves this location: Investigators at this location, as a group, must spend 2 clues for each investigator in that vehicle. If they cannot, the vehicle's driver tests (X) or (X), where X is the number of clues they could not spend. If the driver fails, their vehicle is removed from the game and each investigator in that vehicle takes 10 damage. (Limit once per game for each vehicle.)

Victory 1.
Jorge Ramos Márquez
Horreur à Toute Vitesse #205. Horreur à Toute Vitesse #11.
Cliffside Road

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