Intrigue. Stage 2
Doom: 9. Clues: –
The Order is out for blood!

As an additional cost for you to move while not in a vehicle, you must spend 2 actions.

Forced - At the end of the round: Starting with the rearmost location, set each location with no vehicles, enemies, or investigators aside, out of play (or add it to the victory display if it has Victory X and has no clues on it). Stop when you reach a location with at least 1 vehicle, enemy, or investigator; or the location behind the rearmost investigator.

Anders Finér
Horreur à Toute Vitesse #201. Horreur à Toute Vitesse #4.
Hot Pursuit

Out of Gas - Back

Day is starting to break through the trees to the east, and thanks to the interference of your relentless pursuers, you still haven't made it to Falcon Point. Your car has begun to shake and stutter. You know it is only a matter of minutes before it runs out of fuel, but you have no choice. They've almost caught up to you. You force the accelerator down -
The turn catches you by surprise. You try to skid to a halt, but it's too late. There is a brief feeling of weightlessness as the wheels leave the ground. Time slows to a crawl. Then, a whirlwind of chaos erupts around you.
The next thing you know, you are crawling out of the wreckage. You are bloody and bruised, but alive. And by some twist of fortune, your pursuers have driven past the spot of your accident. "Next time, I'm driving," Agent Harper jokes between fits of coughing.

Each investigator is defeated and suffers 1 physical trauma.

Hot Pursuit

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