Perspicacité. Béni.

Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Rapide. À jouer quand un investigateur dans votre lieu pioche une carte Traîtrise non-faiblesse.

Révélez 5 pions pris au hasard dans la réserve du Chaos.

Si un pion ou est révélé, annulez l'effet Révélation de cette carte Traîtrise.

Torstein Nordstrand
La Conspiration d'Innsmouth #31.
Sort de Radiance

The initial use of this card is pretty obvious: fill up the bag with blessings, and then play Ward of Protection at a cost of one fewer horror and one less resource. It also works on fellow investigators! The trade-offs are clear: it’s not automatic. But with favor of the sun, it becomes automatic*. With Tides of Fate, it becomes much more common; that card specifically lets you play it before drawing cards in the mythos phase. This card shines in support Mary or Mateo, where a lot of your game is spent filling the bags with goodness and protecting your fellow investigators.

(*Does "random" forbid this?)

MrGoldbee · 1007
"random" does not forbid this (at least, not without forbidding it for skill tests as well. The language used for skill tests is "The investigator performing the skill test reveals one chaos token at random from the chaos bag.") — Yenreb · 9