Compétence. Faiblesse


Test Icons:

Les icônes de cette compétence se soustraient de votre valeur de compétence au lieu de s'y ajouter.

Forcé – Quand vous choisissez une carte à placer sous Amanda Sharpe, si les Murmures des Profondeurs sont dans votre main : vous devez les choisir.

Borja Pindado
La Conspiration d'Innsmouth #9.
Murmures des Profondeurs

[edited at oct 16, applying errata]

This card's effect is quick strong; Amanda cannot use a skill card during one round, and her net stat is reduced by 1 (from errata, commiting card is not optional but mandatory Forced one).

However, this weakness does not have any terrible panelty like other weakness skill such as returning if failed or commiting only your test. Thus, to avoid significant penalty, you just commit this card at ANY test before start of investigate phase. -1 skill value for one test is neglectable effect.

Here are several ideas:

  • Search your deck and/or draw many cards: If you draw this card during your turn, it's ok you just commit this. Mr. "Rook" is suitable for this. You can search 9 cards, and draw this for free. (But 4xp with taboo)
  • Commit during mythos phase: If you draw this card during upkeep phase, only chance is mythos phase. It may be a better choice that you commit this at encounter test. If a encounter doesn't have any test, you may want to find a test for this. Some cards make you initiate a test at any window: Cipher's ability, or Expose Weakness (if a enemy in your location). You have a window just before the end of mythos phase.
  • Keep her signature and replace: Obscure Studies can be an emergency button. If this weakness exists beneath Amanda, play her signature and commit (returned) this weakness.

Taboo version of Scroll of Secrets can be another solution. You may trigger that ablitiy during upkeep phase window, and you can place 2 of those card on top of your deck and those card is drawn at upkeep phase & beginning of investigation phase.

elkeinkrad · 111
You sure? "At the start of a skill test you are performing: Commit the card beneath Amanda Sharpe, if able." — MrGoldbee · 1046
Hunh, no. elkeinkrad is correct. The ability is a ‘reaction trigger’ ability, not a ‘forced’ ability, so it is 100% optional. Though having a turn at 2s is not that much less rough than a turn at 1s. — Death by Chocolate · 742
Why shouldn't Amanda be able to use skill cards during the round? You should be able to commit as many skills to your own tests as you like, or did I miss some text/ erratum? — Scheckel · 94
@scheckel. To commit a card, the test have to be inititated at your location. I focused on the way of initiating test. — elkeinkrad · 111
Note that Amanda's reaction ability received errata and was changed to "Forced" so you must commit whispers from the deep if it's below her. — Django · 3498