Rituel. Béni.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:
Health: 3. Sanity: –.

Deck de Sœur Mary uniquement.

L'Ange Gardien peut se voir assigner les dégâts infligés aux autres investigateurs dans votre lieu et dans des lieux connexes.

Quand n'importe quel nombre de dégâts sont assignés à l'Ange Gardien : ajoutez un nombre égal de pions à la réserve du Chaos.

Aleksander Karcz
La Conspiration d'Innsmouth #6.
Ange Gardien

There was a lot of confusion when they previewed an investigator in the guardian class with a 5/9 split. That’s worse than Carolyn, who was explicitly a healer and a big money support. But Guardian Angel is better than I imagined. It lets you protect multiple people on your team, from a distance, while you’re doing other things. Or maybe you just want to soak a hit or two.

The big brain move is having someone else take Solemn Vow. They protect you, the Angel protects them, and you can feed the bag. Pay them back by using rite of sanctification to give them a discount on their buys. Perfect!

MrGoldbee · 1034
Bigger brain move is having someone else using Forbidden Tome to move damage from Guardian Angel onto enemies. — Death by Chocolate · 712
Moving damage with solemn vow has the advantage that it can be healed actionless if you have Jessica. Or any armor and Lonnie repairs it. — Django · 3425
Because this card cares about “assigned damage” specifically, can you assign an enemy’s attack to it, add the bless tokens, then play Deny Existence? The rules specifically state you 1. Assign damage/horror 2. Deal damage/horror, and that effects that reduce this damage/horror happen between steps 1 and 2. — MaximilienQC · 1