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"Where they dwelt, there must the cold waste lie close, and within it unknown Kadath and its onyx castle for the Great Ones."
– H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Onyx Gates

Leng. Kadath.

Shroud: 1. Clues: 12.

Onyx Gates gets +1 shroud.

Forced - After Onyx Gates is revealed: Check Campaign Log. Remove 1 clue from Onyx Gates for each tally mark recorded next to "Evidence of Kadath."

As you approach the gates, you notice an inscription in the onyx stone: "Do not seek the lands beyond, for they do not exist. These gates shall never open, for there is nothing beyond."
Sergey Glushakov
La Demeure des Dieux #298. La Demeure des Dieux #13.
Onyx Gates

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