Acte. Stage 4
Clues: –
Beware! For I am the one who has trapped you here, and you shall never leave. Your dreams are forever mine!

Spend 1 clue: Look at the top 3 cards of the encounter deck. Draw each of those cards with the hidden keyword and discard the rest.

Objective - Find and expose Nyarlathotep's true form by adding copies of Nyarlathotep to the victory display. If 1 copies are in the victory display, advance.

Patrick McEvoy
La Demeure des Dieux #293. La Demeure des Dieux #8.
Truth and Lies

The True Shape - Back


Check Campaign Log. If the black cat knows the truth and the investigators possess the Silver Key:

As the shadows disperse, the black cat appears on your shoulder. "Now!" it cries. The silver key shimmers with radiant light as you draw it out. "This is the only way to expose its true shape!"

Each investigator loses each of their clues. Each copy of Nyarlathotep in the victory display combines to form a single enemy with:

- Fight/evade values equal to the highest fight/evade value among combined copies of itself.

- Health/damage/horror/victory values equal to the total combined health/damage/horror/victory values of all combined copies of itself.

- All keywords from all combined copies of itself.

Spawn this monstrosity in The Great Hall. It is Nyarlathotep's True Shape. Place clues on each Forsaken Tower location until it has clues equal to its clue value.

Otherwise, proceed to (→R1).

Truth and Lies

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