Oriab. Antique. Ruines.

Valeur Occulte: 5. Indices: 1.


Forced - After you end your turn at Nameless Ruins: Deal 1 direct damage to an Ally asset you control.

Victory 1.
"By evening he was near the nameless ancient ruins on Yath's farther shore..."
– H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Emilio Rodriguez
À la Recherche de Kadath #138. À la Recherche de Kadath #20.



You have uncovered a Sign of the Gods (place 1 resource on the scenario reference card).

Flip this card back over.

The ruins of this settlement are vast, but it is the caverns that lie beneath that draw your interest. Deep underground, you become lost in a forbidden maze of wildly complex corridors, impossible to map. For days you scour the maze, unable to find the path to its core. Finally, you notice a dark shape, like a hazy shadow, watching you from around a corner. You pursue it until it leads you to a tomb in the center of the gargantuan cavern, surrounded by ancient tapestries depicting the once great kingdom of Tyrrhia. You wonder about the intentions of the shadow that led you here. Was it aiding you, or manipulating you? You record the story of Tyrrhia's fall before fleeing to the surface. You have no wish to stay any longer.
À la Recherche de Kadath #138.
Nameless Ruins
What Remains of Tyrrhia


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