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The path leading to the site of the ritual is hidden by the spectral mist. You cannot enter The Geist-Trap.

The Geist-Trap

Woods. Spectral.

Shroud: 4. Clues: 1.

While The Spectral Watcher is at The Geist-Trap, it gains retaliate.

: Circle. Test +++ (20) to complete the ritual, or to disrupt it. If you succeed, you may either light or unlight the brazier here.

Haunted - Take 1 damage and 1 horror.

Victory 1.
Above the treetops, the pillar of ghostly mist rises, covering the sky with spectral faces and desperate, clawing hands. You are getting close now…
Frej Agelii
Union et Désillusion #257. Union et Désillusion #20.
The Geist-Trap

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