Acte. Stage 3
Clues: –
You part the seams of space-time and arrive at your destination. It is the same cramped attic, but in a different time. The room is dark save for a violet glow emanating from the far edge, where the floor falls into oblivion. From out of the abyss, the ancient crone and her familiar emerge...

Nahab cannot leave the Site of the Sacrifice.

Forced - When Nahab is defeated: Instead of discarding her, heal all damage from her, disengage her from all investigators, and exhaust her. She does not ready during the upkeep phase this round.

Objective - If there is no doom on Nahab, advance.

Yoann Boissonnet
Le Nom Secret #127. Le Nom Secret #8.
Stopping the Ritual

Ritual Averted - Back

The ancient crone lets out a banshee's wail as you dismantle her unholy ritual. The room unfurls through space-time, the cramped, slanted walls unfolding to reveal the oblivion beyond. The creature who was once Keziah Mason croaks a loathsome curse as her shapeless form is pulled into the void. Bit by bit, the wood-paneled flooring below your feet breaks apart. Then you are ripped - the pull from the stars - a muddy alleyway - the flute in the woods - the roaring abyss - the gaze of the watcher - The Tower - a green hillside - the black vortex - the screams of the accused - the piper - three arrows - a sacrifice - a ringing bell - an ascension - and you emerge from the anomaly, crashing painfully onto the floor.


Stopping the Ritual

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