Intrigue. Stage 3
Doom: 8. Clues: –
In the dazzling violet light of dream the old woman and the fanged, furry thing came again and with a greater distinctness than on any former occasion. This time they actually reached him, and he felt the crone’s withered claws clutching at him. -H.P. Lovecraft, The Dreams in the Witch House

Each non-weakness enemy gets +3 health.

After you defeat Brown Jenkin or Nahab: Gain 1 clue from the token bank (2 clues instead if there are 3 or more investigators in the game).

Lenka Šimečková
Le Nom Secret #123. Le Nom Secret #4.
The Witch Light

An Awakening - Back

A sudden flash of violet light causes you to reel backwards. The spectral form of the crone is broken and shattered, but as you fall you can see a sinister grin play across her misshapen face. A jolt of pain surges through you as your head strikes the surface of the wall, and the witch's terrible grin is the last thing you see before everything goes black.
When you awaken, the witch light is gone, but a vision is burned in your mind - the ancient crone, bent over a slanted floor, leering gleefully at a rotting book, a misshapen knife in her crooked fingers. Behind her, the twilight abyss extends into oblivion, and a gaping maw begins to close.

- If it is act 1 or 2, set Nahab aside, out of play, and place 4 doom on agenda 4a as it enters play.

- If it is act 3, place 1 doom on Nahab.

The Witch Light

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