Jerome Davids
Josef's Secretary


Assistant. Crépuscule d'Argent.

Willpower: 2. Intellect: 4. Combat: 1. Agility: 3.
Health: 4. Sanity: 8.

When an investigator at your location draws a treachery from the encounter deck, discard cards from your hand with a total of at least 2 icons: Cancel that card's revelation effect. (Limit once per round.)

effect: +1. Discover 1 clue at your location.

Tiziano Baracchi
Le Cercle Brisé #47. Disparitions dans la Demeure du Crépuscule #5.
Jerome Davids

Jerome Davids - Back


Setup: You begin play in the Office. Search the gathered cards for 1 copy of Nether Mist and 1 copy of Obscuring Fog. Spawn the Nether Mist in the Office and attach Obscuring Fog to the Office. You begin with 3 resources instead of 5.

Starting Play Area: Nothing.

Opening Hand: Hyperawareness (Core 34), Mind over Matter (Core 36), Working a Hunch (Core 37), Barricade (Core 38), Deduction (Core 39), Magnifying Glass (level 1) (Core 40), Fingerprint Kit (TCU 24), Connect the Dots (TCU 25), 2 copies of Curiosity (TCU 26).

Jerome is Josef Meiger's personal assistant and secretary. He is a close friend of Josef's and is also an upstanding member of the Silver Twilight Lodge. He helps keep the Meiger estate's vast finances in order and manages Josef's time, which has become increasingly precious of late.
Jerome Davids

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