Padma Amrita
Cold-Blooded Charmer


Humanoïde. Serpent. Serviteur. Élite.

Fight: 5. Health: 3. Evade: 3.
Damage: –. Horror: –.

Alert. Retaliate. Hunter.
While Padma Amrita is ready, clues cannot be discovered from each ancient location.
Forced - After Padma Amrita attacks you: If you have at least 1 clue, flip 1 of your clues to its doom side. Otherwise, take 3 horror.
Victory 2. Vengeance 2.

Victory 2.
Vengeance 2.
Mark Winters
Par-delà les Limites #186. Par-delà les Limites #26.
Padma Amrita

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